Do goggles make you a hero?

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Do goggles make you a hero? Empty Do goggles make you a hero?

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Está em inglês e eu tenho aquele probleminha de quando escrevo em um idioma, eu não consigo de jeito nenhum traduzir pra outro (seja português → inglês, ou vice-versa). Por isso, se há gafes no inglês peço que me perdoem.

Eu escrevi isso um mês atrás, depois de ver aquilo DE NOVO no tumblr e aquela frase me incomoda tanto pelo fato de passar a menssagem ERRADA sobre o que significa "goggles"... Coisa que agradeço Kakudou por estar dirigindo aquele ep -- provavelmente é dedo dele aquelas lindas falas do Daisuke sobre as goggles.

ANYWAY, recomendo que leia este tópico aqui primeiro.

(liguem HTML, por favor)

While walking around, after the final battle against Quartzmon, the new legend hero was admiring Taiki's goggles. Oh yeah, the ones he received from his senior.

"A hero needs goggles." 

"A hero needs goggles eh?" - with a smirk, Tagiru glanced at the goggles in his hands - "If it's true, then I was already a hero! But Taiki-san's goggles are--"


A voice echoed by the streets. Akashi recognized it, but the name... What was his name? Nah, it doesn't matter. It was his imagination; it made him remember his lines:

"YOU! Don’t you know what those goggles stand for?!
The meaning behind Taiki entrusting his goggles to you!" 

But... "entrusting"? "meanings"? At that moment, Tagiru had not understood him, so he just had listened to the other one-- Oops, he didn't know the name of that guy with the same goggles from the other one. Now, why it matter? They went back to their worlds, so the possibilities to see them again--


What's that? Akashi turned back and looked for the voice; no, he couldn't be here yet. He's from another world! Perhaps it was an illusion?

Maybe his mind was deceiving him. It couldn't be real right?

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE IGNORING ME--" - when Tagiru back to walk, he suddenly faced a boy with goggles. This one was with his hands on his hips, glaring at him.

"D-Daisuke-san, calm down please!" - then there was another kid with goggles holding Daisuke's arm and trying to pull him - "Bagra-san asked us to not--" - probably he came to prevent the other.

"Shut up!" - Daisuke snorted, glancing at the other from his shoulder - "I'm not going to back to my world without making him understand Taiki's words!" 

"What the hell are you doing here?!" - Tagiru interrupted them, forcing both look at him - "I thought the old watchman--"

"It's a long story..." - the boy with yellow goggles said, with a nervous laugh next. Then, he back to Daisuke - "We must go back! Or he will not send us to our worlds...!"

"I told you I'm NOT leaving this place without making Tagiru get the message!" - but Daisuke... Ah, everyone is used to how much stubborn he can be when he wants something. He decided to ignore his Legend fellow and gave a serious gaze to Akashi - "Akashi Tagiru, eh? So you're the guy who used the Brave Snatcher to beat Quartzmon, right? So, lemme ask you: Why do you wear those goggles?"

He pointed at Taiki's, which were still in Tagiru's hands. Honestly, Tagiru just looked at the goggles, then to Daisuke's face. the other guy, Takato, kept in silence, but his face could tell Tagiru that he was confused too.

Goggles? What the hell that Legend Hero was talking about?! Do you need a reason to wear them?! 

"Uh... I wear them because I'm a hero now!" - Tagiru smirked, while the reaction of Daisuke was expressionless; Takato just felt Motomiya's arm shake a bit. Uh oh, he's going to...

"WHAT THE HELL?!" - ... explode. Daisuke's scream almost made both deaf; he didn't expect that response. Takato tries to calm him down, because he was sure Daisuke was going to punch Tagiru in the face.

"W-what do you expect?!" - Tagiru babbled, a bit afraid of Motomiya's face (which expressed how mad he had with that answer) - "That was what Taiki-san said!"


"Daisuke-san, please..." - Takato made a second attempt, now needing to hold Daisuke to stop him - "If he doesn't know, why you don't try to explain it without... Violence?"

"I'm not going to punch him!" - Daisuke snorted, crossing his arms. Of course he wanted to but yeah, he already know it wasn't necessary punch someone... Unless Tagiru keep making him lose his hopes - "But you're right Takato. I think we should explain it. You know that too, right? You're not a hero because of your goggles, right?"

He couldn't give a reply. No, not for not knowing, but the fact he couldn't tell them. In his world, Taichi and Daisuke are fictional characters -- so how can he explain that?! It would make Daisuke think he's joking and maybe make it worse. 

"Yes... I do." - Takato nodded, but he was still trying to prevent a fight there. He only let Daisuke go when noticed how Daisuke's muscles were relaxed.

"Don't you think you're taking it too seriously?" - Akashi frowned, with a bit of courage to ask that; Daisuke closed his fists and Takato was obligated to hold him again.

"Please, Tagiru-san" - Matsuda said - "Try to not make him angry...!"

Because Takato was sure how Daisuke can exaggerate about everything. And about the goggles... Oh god, they're precious. Do not mess with the goggles. Never.

"I'm not, I'm just..."

"OKAY, LET ME GO!" - Motomiya yelled, and next take a deep breath. It helped him to calm down - "Right... I'm okay. I'm someone's senior now and I must be a role model, right??" - he chuckled.

"Uh... Is he OK?" - Tagiru asked Takato, who didn't know how to reply him due to Daisuke's presence there.

"Of course I am!" - Daisuke replied, back to Tagiru - "So you have no idea what means those goggles, right? Or mine or Takato's..."

"A fashion statement?" - Tagiru tried to guess - "All of you wear goggles, so..."

"You're wrong dude!" - he pouted, but he back to his serious gaze - "Taichi-san from my timeline entrusted his goggles to me! And, Masaru does not wear goggles. I think he doesn't have one. But does it mean he isn't a hero to you?"

"Masaru who?" 

"That's right," - he gave a smile - "the man with the big Agumon. I think he and Taichi went to give you guys a hand against those cucumber-mons."

"Eh??" - Tagiru was surprised; a flashback came in his mind: two Legends saving and encouraging him... It had was what released Arresterdramon's Superior Mode that time - "Do you know him?"

"Of course!" - Daisuke smirked - "Masaru is a freaking awesome hero, not like Taichi-san, but... He doesn't need goggles to be a hero. You've got wrong that  message."

"I know, I saw him" - Tagiru agreed with a nod - "His partner is so cool... But why are you so serious about the goggles if they're not so important?"


"Daisuke-san..." - Takato sighed and held Daisuke's arm again - "keep calm."

"I'm trying to! But he's not--"

"I'm sorry, but you're taking it too seriously. No, not the meanings... But how you're reacting about his questions. He is not obligated to know that. I think Takuya-san and Taiki-san don't know too."

"I know that, but...!"

"Oi, Legend ones!" - Tagiru interrupted them by the second time - "I hope you guys could explain me what are you two doing here!"

Takato gave a deep sigh - "Bagra-san's partner was too exhausted to send us back, so we're still here. Daisuke-san spent days panicking about what Taiki-san said and then went to look for you. I tried to stop him, but..."

"Whatever!" - Daisuke shrugged - "I'm not going back to my world without doing it! And you decided to come." 

"I couldn't let you walking around this world alone! You're not from this place, it could also have serious consequences."

"I wasn't doing anything wrong! Man, you're so strict like Taichi-san!"

"Can I go home now?" - Akashi yawned, while watching the other two discussing - "Or not?"

Daisuke's will was to punch Tagiru (yeah, again), but he took another deep breath and whispered something that only Takato heard: "Taichi-san gimme patience...!"

"Right..." - Motomiya nodded slowly - "I gonna tell you what these goggles here mean" - he grabbed his precious goggles - "And I believe Takato's follow the same purpose."

Again, Takato's reply was limited to a nod. 

"These goggles doesn't make me a hero!" - Daisuke gave that usual smirk - "But they're important to me, they give me strength. These goggles here make my feelings more stronger, because I must be strong to protect them... To protect the worlds, the innocents... And our most important treasure: Friends."

"Ah. That's what Taiki-san's...?" - Tagiru back his attention to Taiki's goggles again.

"They don't make anyone a hero, dude. What they do is be a symbol to bring you courage... These goggles here are the meaning of battle and Courage! They've always watched alongside, these goggles are the proof passed on from him to me! They are precious, aren't they cool?"

"Did you just... quote 'Goggle Boy' ?" - Takato thought, looking at Daisuke awkwardly while the goggle boy kept the explanation.

"They are the meaning of Friendship and future! They give me true strength; these goggles are the proof the world I see with them is bright and shining. If I run away I've lose my right to wear these goggles!"

"Uh... what." - Tagiru was lost. Completely lost.

"They made me strong, not a hero." - he finished it - "That's all."

"He just quoted his character song..." - Matsuda kept with that same expression in his face. Both were too busy to hear him.

"Do the goggles make you... Strong?" - Akashi frowned; Daisuke nodded, proud of his goggles - "That's... awesome."

"What Taiki tried to say" - Daisuke started - "was to you wear his goggles because he was going to share his courage with you. He entrusted his goggles to you, to give you strength! To you become a hero; A hero does not need goggles to be one, but they can be useful to make you strong! And you use that strength to protect people, especially your friends." 

"Ah! I got it now!" - Akashi gave a grin - "So this is the meaning behind Taiki-san's goggles?"


"Uh... I think--" - Takato tried to say something, but Daisuke stared him with a deadly glare - "I told you to not--"  

"I'm only doing my job" - he pouted - "Takato, what's wrong with you?! I can't stand let someone get the wrong message behind the goggles!"

"You mean Taichi-san's goggles."

"Come on, let's go back and ask Takuya about his goggles. I want to know the other meanings the goggles can have...!"

"I think you're exaggerating--"

"Let's go back. My job is done here..." - Daisuke pushed Takato and both disappeared in the horizon, while Tagiru kept looking at the goggles.

Taiki's goggles. Do they have those meanings too? But now he remembered... Why he had defeated Quartzmon. Thanks to the Legend Heroes' power, but also Taiki's goggles. He had felt it.

He had felt Taiki with him; Taiki had entrusted him that task. Not only him, but Ryouma and everyone. He had wanted to save them, he had wanted to! For a moment he had forgotten that selfish dream of surpassing Taiki or becoming a super star.

He had wanted to save them all, his family, his home, his world.

"Maybe I should ask Taiki-san about his goggles... That Legend Hero made me curious about the meanings..." - Tagiru wore them and kept walking, with a smile in his face.


"I told you!" - Takato repeated with a sigh - "I know you wanted to make him less selfish, but... I'm sure Bagra-san will erase our memories. He will not remember what you said."

"It doesn't matter," - he put his hands behind his head - "You know what? I found funny talk to him, even if it will be deleted from our minds. But he can't erase the memories from our hearts."

"It was what Masaru-san was talking yesterday, wasn't it...?"

"I agree with him" - he replied with a smile - "I'm sure this isn't the last time we will meet. So this isn't a good-bye right? I'm glad to meet you all, especially Taichi."

"It was good meet you all too, even Taichi-san and you..."

"But there's something... I know you're from another world, but how do you know about Taichi?"

"Eh...??" - Takato sweated nervously - "He just remind me someone from my world...!"

"Ah...!" - Daisuke blinked, then laughed - "That's it!" - he kept laughing - "I'm really stupid haha!"


"Nothing," - he chuckled - "Nothing...!" 

E sim, Daisuke faz uma menção ao VT!Taichi... Logo ele acredita que Takato veio do mesmo mundo que o "Taichi Falso" o:

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